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Presentation of the LEAD laboratory

University of Toulon
Faculty of Economics and Management

Alexandra SCHAFFAR

Presentation of the Laboratory
The LEAD (Laboratory of Applied Economics for Development) is a Host Team (EA 3163).

Research at LEAD revolves around the unifying theme “Territories and Development”, in particular in the Euro-Mediterranean area, with several geographic focal points:

A local and urban level (urban economy)
A regional level (regional economy, geographic economy)
A national and international level (international trade and finance applied to development)
Various researches or uses of transversal tools applied to territories are also undertaken in this context: labor economy and migration, inequalities, growth and convergence, environment and sustainable development of territories, economy of maritime territories (economy of the sea and maritime transport ), industrial economics applied to development and innovation, spatial econometrics.

LEAD is linked to the Doctoral School of Human and Social Sciences n ° 509 of the University of Toulon. He is also involved in the transversal axes developed by UTLN: Sea, environment and sustainable development; Euro-Mediterranean and comparative societies and civilizations; Information.

Involvement in scientific research groups
LEAD has been a member since 2015 of the GDR International of the CNRS Economie internationale du développement / International Development Economics (IDE).
LEAD is a member of FEMISE (Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes).
LEAD was a member of the GDR International of the CNRS DREEM (Development of Euro-Mediterranean Economic Research) (2007-2014).
LEAD is a member of the Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française (ASRDLF), of which Michel Dimou has been the President since 2014.
LEAD is a member of the Third World Association (ATM)
LEAD is an institutional member of The European Money and Finance Forum (SUERF) (Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna, Austria).